Children's Dentistry

Children’s dentistry or kid’s dentistry is an area of dentistry in which we take great pride in and are passionate about providing the best dental care for kids in Brisbane. We offer all kid’s dental treatments and our dentist is experienced in dealing with anxious children.

Good habits start early in life and introducing your child to the dentist from an early age (we recommend 3 years old unless there are concerns prior), helps ensure that their teeth are developing normally, erupting correctly, kept clean and are free of cavities. Having mum or dad help them brush their teeth at least once a day until they are 7 years old, helps to teach kids where to brush and how to look after their teeth properly.

Routine 6 month preventative care appointments help ensure that if a concern is found and treatment is required, that the type of treatment and the costs involved with it are kept to a minimum.

For eligible patients under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule we even bulk bill basic treatments up to $1,000.

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