Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dental

You never expect a dental emergency, but when it happens we will be there.
Please call us immediately or walk in to our dental surgery and be immediately looked after by our friendly and professional staff. We will be able to arrange an appointment to see you as soon as possible. Here at Edens Landing Dental, we understand that tooth pain or a broken tooth can occur at any time and we pride ourselves on providing same day appointments on weekends or after hours. We service Edens Landing, Holmview, Brookhaven, Bahrs Scrub, Bethania, Waterford, Beenleigh and welcome anyone looking for quality dental service in South East Queensland.
As an emergency dental clinic, we offer various kinds of dental emergency services but the most common types that we deal with are:
1. Root Canal Treatment
2. Extractions
3. Trauma

What to do if your tooth is knocked out?

Adult tooth

If you have unfortunately had an adult tooth knocked out, contact us as soon as possible as the window of opportunity to save the tooth is within an hour. Handle the tooth by holding the crown, not the root (the pointy part of the tooth). Touching the root of the tooth can damage the cells and reduce the tooths chance of survival. Do not scrub the tooth! Instead, gently rinse the tooth in milk or water to remove dirt and then place the tooth back into the socket. If this is not possible, either store it in milk or hold it between the cheek and the teeth and make your way to see us as soon as you can.

Baby tooth

If a BABY TOOTH suffers trauma and is knocked out, the tooth should not be replanted. The patient should be seen as soon as possible, to make sure there is no remaining tooth pieces and no damage to other structures in the mouth.

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