What is a denture?

Dentures are an affordable and cost-effective removable device made of acrylic or metal that can be used to replace multiple teeth or a single tooth. If you do not wish to be without teeth while the denture is being fabricated, an immediate denture can be fabricated where it is fitted on the day your infected teeth are extracted ensuring that you will not need to go a day without teeth. However changes to the jaw bone over the next 2-3 months after the extractions may cause the denture to gradually loosen. This can be fixed by returning to the dentist, which can aid in the realignment of the denture to ensure a comfortable fit.

Ideally the healing of the jawbone (which takes 2-3 months) should occur first before fabricating a denture to ensure a better fit the first time and eliminating the need for a realignment appointment. A denture normally takes 1-2 months to be constructed after the teeth are removed. Dentures should be removed and cleaned with water using a toothbrush everyday. Dentists recommend not sleeping with dentures in.


A partial denture is made from either acrylic or metal and used to replace missing teeth between remaining natural teeth. Metal partial dentures are generally more comfortable as it is less bulky in comparison to the acrylic dentures and has better long-term retention.  


A complete denture is made from acrylic and used to replace all missing natural teeth on the top and/or bottom jaws. This option allows the patient to restore the chewing function and smile.

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