Frequently Asked Questions

Edens Landing Dental prides itself on making time available for any patients in pain to be seen on the day of calling, even if it is after-hours.

However, if we are not able to do so, here is some information on what to do until help is available.

An infected tooth can lead to swelling of the soft tissues nearby to the tooth. Any swelling is a clear sign that you should come into the clinic immediately.

Usually swelling tends to be localised to the area that the problem started. However, in lower teeth, some more serious infections can lead to swelling that can affect your neck and airway. This is considered a life threatening and needs to be treated without delay.

Upper teeth can create swellings that if left untreated, it can progress backwards towards the brain potentially causing a life threatening scenario.

If any of these scenarios occur, contact the emergency department and they will provide medicine to decrease the swelling in the interim before you can see us for treatment.

If you have unfortunately had your ADULT tooth knocked out, contact us as soon as possible as the window of opportunity to save the tooth is within an hour. Handle the tooth by holding the crown, not the root (the pointy part of the tooth).

Touching the root of the tooth can damage the cells and reduce the tooths chance of survival. Do not scrub the tooth! Instead, gently rinse the tooth in milk or water to remove dirt and then place the tooth back into the socket if possible.

If this is not possible, either store it in milk or hold it between the cheek and the teeth and make your way to see us as soon as you can.

If a BABY TOOTH suffers trauma and is knocked out, the tooth should not be replanted. The patient should be seen as soon as possible, to make sure there is no remaining tooth pieces and no damage to other structures in the mouth.

We recommend they come in for an examination from 3 years of age. First visits are generally about getting the child used to the dental environment and making sure that the mouth is growing properly and appropriate dental care is being provided.

A fun ride in the chair and a count of your child’s teeth can help prevent problems developing and a fear of the dentist later in life.

Cleaning your teeth everyday at home while important, is only part of a successful routine. Regular brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist twice a year helps prevent or limit the extent of any problems developing.

Professional cleaning with specialised tools by the dentist removes, plaque, tartar and bacteria build-up that you are unable to remove yourself which reduces the chances of any infection or problems occurring.

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